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About My Services

Haunted Irish Castle with "orb"
Copyright (c) 2002 Constance Watson

    EACH CASE of paranormal activity is unique and so will be the investigation that follows.  Either a psychic "hunch" or formal  investigation may take me to a haunted funeral home, warehouse, residence,  school, or historic building.
        Using my unique ability to obtain a high number of quality apparitional photos and other spirit anomalies, I can help confirm any paranormal activity you may be experiencing.
      Located in Chicago, I also travel to neighboring states for investigations as called for.  Arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis. Although I do most  investigations solo or with one other associate, when called for, a full investigative team can be employed.
     I also provide pre- and post psychic counselling services for clients.  This consists of helping those involved in hauntings that are "sensitive"  giving personal guidance in psychic matters.
     ~~The services of a good paranormal investigator to help document anomalous activity can lead to a possible resolution and peace of mind .~~
Please use my CONTACT ME page to request more information or a brochure.